Start Your Real Estate Investment Journey with a Single Square Meter

Begin your journey into real estate investment with as little as one square meter. Build your wealth by investing in rental properties to generate regular income and appreciate assets. Let JovJou handle all the complexities for you.

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Everyone Can Join the Real Estate Market
with JovJou

JovJou allows anyone to venture into the real estate market with just a single square meter. Don't be deterred by surging property prices; embark on the path to wealth creation through real estate today.

Comfortably Invest in Properties from Home

JovJou makes it possible for you to become a property owner with just a few clicks, bypassing the traditional, hassle-filled process. Purchasing real estate through JovJou is as simple as counting 1, 2, 3.


Physical Interaction Not Required for Real Estate Investments

Unlike conventional physical assets, investing in real estate with JovJou doesn't require direct interaction with the property. We leverage blockchain technology to facilitate your investment in rental properties from the comfort of your home.

Physical Interaction Not Required
Small Investments for Big Ownership

Small Investments for Big Ownership

Invest in the properties you fancy, starting from just one square meter. Acquire fractional property ownership and receive your share of the rental income directly into your account monthly.

Build Your Real Estate Empire Your Way

The choice is yours. You can reinvest your profits into more properties or use them in any way you see fit. You are the architect of your financial future.

Build Your Real Estate Empire Your Way
The JovJou Advantage

The JovJou Advantage

We offer the best investment opportunities in the market. All properties listed on our platform are thoroughly reviewed for optimum investment potential.

Trust and Transparency with JovJou

Trust and Transparency with JovJou

Our investment framework is reviewed by leading law firms to ensure regulatory compliance. By tokenizing properties on the blockchain, we offer a democratic ownership structure with complete transparency and traceability in all transactions. Start building wealth one property at a time, beginning with as little as one square meter.


What is JovJou Platform?

JovJou is a real estate investing platform. We help investors get passive income from fractional ownership of properties worldwide. Anyone can pick a home on JovJou Marketplace, become its co-owner in the real world from just 1m², and enjoy a stable rental income.

How do I earn passive income with JovJou Platform?

On JovJou Real Estate Marketplace, investors buy real estate fractions (tokens) that represent official property ownership. Anyone who buys a fraction becomes a co-owner of this property in the real world and starts getting income from rent. The rental income is distributed proportionally between fraction holders. Let’s give an example: If you own 1m² in a 60m² house, you will receive 1/60th of all the income from that property. If you buy 30m² in this house, you can get 50% of the income. (you can also buy the whole house).

When will I start earning?

Rental income is accumulated monthly from the 1st to the 30th of the month. It is indicated on the main page of the Marketplace.

What income will I get?

We offer to receive rental income in the form of monthly %. There is also income from the increase in the value of your house. You can sell your m² at any time.

How do I withdraw my rental income?

To see how much rental income has been accrued, go to the home's page and look at "Total Earn" to see your total income. The "Total Withdrawal" line will show available funds for withdrawal. Click “WITHDRAW” to withdraw this money. You will receive it in your wallet in USDT. Withdrawals are available anytime, and there is no minimum limit.